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Annual Sealife Migration

Marine Migrations Create Bucket-List Dives

Marine migration plays a large role in the ever-changing dive experiences to be found in Florida waters. There are various reasons sea creatures migrate and a basic understanding of migration patterns allows divers to seek specific experiences.

Faithful Scuba - South FL - Annual Sealife Migration
Faithful Scuba - South FL - Annual Sealife Migration


Bucket List Dive #1 - Turtles

Several sea turtle species return to our local area to nest and breed from March through October. Leatherbacks are the first to arrive, followed by loggerheads, greens, and hawksbills.

What’s interesting about the sea turtle migration is that sea turtles often return to the beach where they were born.

How they find their natal beaches isn’t fully understood, however, research suggests that the earth’s magnetic field and water chemistry play a role in helping sea turtles navigate.

Faithful Scuba - South FL - Annual Sealife Migration


Bucket List Dive #2 - Goliath Groupers

Diving with a goliath grouper is an unforgettable experience. Their distinctive bark booms through the water—and then they swim into view, gentle giants stretching up to eight feet and weighing up to 800 pounds. Historically, goliaths ranged well beyond our state’s shores, now, they are primarily found in southern Florida’s waters. Each year from August to October, diving the goliath grouper aggregation is a spectacular experience.  The Goliaths come to our area to spawn. Seeing sixty or more of these behemoths in one spot is truly an incredible opportunity that only a fortunate few get to experience.  Because of their size, these gentle giants are typically found on our deeper wrecks and sheltered reefs. 

Faithful Scuba - South FL - Annual Sealife Migration


Bucket List Dive #3 - Sharks

Lemon sharks are found in deep water while migrating, but are more commonly found in shallow ocean waters (to depths of 90ft) when they settle into a place—and one of those places is Jupiter. Lemon sharks visit Jupiter January through March. Known for their color, Lemon sharks have a pale lemon brown hue to their skin.

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